Who We Are

Welcome to Cf, a marketing strategy and execution firm for the entrepreneurial enterprise.

Named by INC 500/5000 for 2ND year in a row


Some great minds we have worked with...

  • Eymeric Segard

    Eymeric Segard

    CEO, LunaJets SA

  • Jerome Espinos

    Jerome Espinos

    President at Ralph Lauren

  • Hugues de Pins

    Hugues de Pins

    President, Vacheron Constantin

  • Maryam Banikarim

    Maryam Banikarim

    CMO, Gannett

  • Francois Jumeau

    Francois Jumeau

    CMO, CIVB (Bordeaux)

  • George Steel

    George Steel

    Artistic Director, NYC Opera

  • Ingrid Van Den Hoogen

    Ingrid Van Den Hoogen

    CMO, Silverspring Networks

  • Darryl D. McDonald

    Darryl D. McDonald

    CMO, Teradata

  • Jean-Felix Biosse Duplan

    Jean-Felix Biosse Duplan

    President at Vision Impact Institute

  • Marilyn Mersereau

    Marilyn Mersereau

    CMO, Plantronics

  • Tanios Viviani

    Tanios Viviani

    CMO, Chiquita Brands

  • Paul Miller

    Paul Miller

    CEO, UBM Tech

  • Jack Welch

    Jack Welch

    Jack Welch Management Institute

...and great brands we have helped to grow:

What We Do


Business intelligence. Winning go-to-market strategies.

Building brands and demand in B2B, B2C and the C-Suite.

Devising the best possible customer experience in every channel.


Accelerated thinking with proprietary tools

360 marketing grounded in data and insights

Creative technology and production across channels


Smart strategy. Perfect timing. Flawless production. The result is Currency, unique content that drives value for your brand.

About Us

Born in Silicon Valley and raised on Madison Avenue, we are lateral thinkers and producers.

We believe this is the Age of the Entrepreneurial Enterprise. Fundamental forces in technology, business and design are transforming the marketing landscape, and entrepreneurs are the engines of this change.

Entrepreneurial instincts and skills are now vital for brands to compete. It is no longer a question of whether large enterprises can be entrepreneurial. It is which resources and strategies will accelerate their success.


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  • CF taps the best young entrepreneurial minds of Generation Y with its liberating work style and environment.

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