Where is Kevin Flynn?

To build excitement the December 17, 2010 release of Disney’s Tron Legacy, emails were sent last night to willing fans about a city wide scavenger hunt taking place today in 25 cities worldwide including, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, London, and Toronto. For those in or around these select cities, the hunt was on.

The mission: Go to 27 places in one of the cities and find the envoy wearing a “Flynn Lives” t-shirt. When found, provide a password to receive a special code that unlocks images of the new movie on the Flynn Lives website.

This is not the only event where fans came together in the search for Kevin Flynn. “Operatives” mobilized at Flynn’s Arcade where they received search packets with a map and a black light to search for clues. We can only expect more Flynn hunts as we get closer to the movie debut.

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