Promoted Tweet vs. TweetUp

TweetUp and Twitter is keeping us very busy at the CreativeFeed office.

Yesterday, we blogged about Idealab’s latest startup, TweetUp, a service that will be applying search engine marketing and keyword filters to Twitter. Think AdSense and Google.

Later that day, Twitter announced Promoted Tweet, Twitter’s very own, and similar,  advertising platform.

Today, we ask ourselves, what are the similarities and differences between these two platforms?

We could provide you a lengthy explanation, but a Venn Diagram is a lot more fun.

Click to Enlarge

Creative Feed is also curious to know about the effectiveness and functionality of either service
•    Will paid vs. organic search results dilute the user experience of a genuine and open social community?
•    What will happen to the companies that don’t pay for keywords? Other services that involve paid search results have been labeled as cyber extortioners.


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