Happy FourSquare Day!

Today is FourSquare Day!  The first global social media holiday, ever.

Didn’t get your friends anything?  Don’t worry, this is a holiday for sharing information and earning badges, not gifts.

Foursquare is a social network game, primarily used in mobile devices, for users to share their location with friends and also earn bragging rights by obsessively visiting locations for badge points.

For instance, around the corner of our NYC office, Timo K. is the Gym Rat of Equinox and down the street, Tony C.  is the Mayor of “The World’s Best Sandwich Truck”.

So today, throughout 100 major cities across the world, Foursquare Day will be hosting official “check-in” locations, where people can physically meet, earn their Foursquare day badge and perhaps awkwardly exchange words.

At CreativeFeed, we’re impressed with how Foursquare has redefined business competition on a customer loyalty basis.  Traditionally, businesses compete for customer loyalty through an exchange of quality goods or services, with Foursquare, customers are competing for customer loyalty via virtual badges; and it’s working!

If you’re reading this and you’re a Foursquare user, please chime in!

Do you use Foursquare and how does it compare to other apps like Yelp or Loopt?

Are you using Foursquare for its ping feature or the gaming aspect?

For you New Yorkers, the “Foursquare Day Swarm” will be at the Roger Smith Hotel on 47th and Lexington, from 7:00-9:00PM.

Here is a full list.


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  1. Frank

    Great photo. That’s really cool how you put the images over your faces. Foursquare Day was a very neat event. I actually did my very first check in on that day except I did it via Gowalla.

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