CF contributes to 13 million viewers at 2 terabytes a second

A few CF staff watch the inauguration online, along with 13 million other online viewers.

At the height of Internet traffic at approximately 12:15 p.m. Eastern time (during Obama’s inauguration speech), more than 7 million simultaneous data streams were being delivered over Akamai’s network [CF loves Akamai]. Most of these streams carried live video, with total traffic peaking at a vertiginous 2 terabits per second. That makes today Akamai’s busiest day ever—and by extension, probably one of the highest-volume days in the history of the Internet, since Akamai handles about one-fifth of all Internet traffic globally.

“Online video coverage of President Obama’s inauguration appears to represent a significant incremental audience to TV, since it presumably includes many people at work who did not have access to a TV,” said Tania Yuki, senior product manager for comScore Video Metrix. “As such, the thirteen million online viewers during this time period likely represent an addition to the reported 40 million people who viewed the inauguration on TV. And, that so much of this online audience flocked to the websites of the major cable TV news outlets reflects a direct channel shift from TV to the internet.”

As of 3:30 p.m. EST, Mashable said had generated more than 136 million pageviews, had served more than 21.3 million live video streams since 6 a.m., and had served 1.3 million concurrent live streams at its peak, which happened immediately before Obama’s speech.