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One Last Look at 2013



One Last Look at 2013

Maybe you’ve already seen a few of the top takes on 2013 – from GoogleFacebookPitchforkSpotify, and Tumblr – but with all the family, food, and festivities this season has to offer, who has time to read the rest?

We took on the task for you, sifting through a litany of lists to give you the overlooked homages and hidden gems of 2013.

So as you ring in the New Year, and before you start your own lists for 2014 (resolutions!), here’s one last look back on the year past.

Hope to see you in the new year!

- Cf.

Paste Magazine’s Top 10 Home Gadgets of 2013


The internet of things invades your living room

Businessweek’s First Annual Jealousy List


41 stories and one book that Businessweek journalists wish they’d written

2013 Black List: Best Scripts That Weren’t Produced


Over 250 film executives weigh in on the stories that weren’t told in 2013

Fast Company’s Best Ads of 2013


20 best of 2013

Esquire’s Best New Restaurants List


Top 20 culinary newcomers from all across America

Time’s Best Inventions of 2013


Techland and Time count down the best innovations of the past year

Longreads’ Best Stories of 2013


49 top pieces of lengthy journalism from the past year

Most Instagrammed Locations



Top 10 Charities in Year-End Giving


Charities that net the highest percentage of donations during the holiday season

iO9’s Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2013


Time’s Top 10 Memes of 2013


Guilty pleasures, GIFs, and gaffs

The Atlantic’s In Focus: 2013 in Photos

Part 1 & Part 2


Rotten Tomatoes’ Best Movies of 2013



Cf’s SXSW #Techless Meet-up Covered by WeeklyStandard

In a feature on social media’s impact on our culture, The Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash concludes his piece from CF’s techless meet-up at SXSW. Labash writes of participants, “iThumbs twitching, yearning to make contact with their newly amputated digital appendages. But for most, the old muscle memory of analog life gradually returns.” Read more here.


Congratulations, AppGratis!

CreativeFeed is proud to be affiliated with Simon Dawlat, founder of AppGratis. The company started out by sending newsletters with daily deals and daily app picks. Today, the service has evolved to help developers get distribution in the App Store and help users discover cool, new apps through AppGratis’ own mobile app. Congrats to Simon – we can’t wait to see what he does next! Read more on Forbes.


Mashable Reports on Cf’s “Behind the Buzzwords” Project

Mashable features our Behind the Buzzwords project: Cf explores the direction of enterprise, tech and marketing through illustrations of 2013’s hottest terminology. Industry experts explain each phrase—be sure to check out this year’s essential terms list at!


Menswear vs. Womenswear

(via Tom & Lorenzo)



Hahn Win: Super Reciprocation

Hands-down the best beer commercial of the year so far—and Internet approved. Get some.

(via BuzzFeed)


Plastic Retrospective

In a comical condom ad, an old Argentine learns a tough life lesson, thirty-years too late.

(via Creativity)


New Tech City

“The expertise we have in New York is well suited to the next generation of tech companies.”

(via Center for an Urban Future)


Comparing Initial Public Offerings

Data Visualization of 2,400 technology, web, and telecom market capitalizations since 1980.

(via NYT)


Sex Habits of Silicon Valley

[Like] fully one-third of Americans [who] would rather give up sex than lose their cell phones, we were having a love affair with our gadgets, instead of each other—the cost of connecting with anyone in the world . . . . is not being fully present with the person physically next to you.

(via Nir & Far)


Twinglish Soccer

(For full story, “stwearch” #Capello #Redknapp #Hodgson)

English FA spun 80 days around the world to get close to home in a noisy dressing room.

(via The Sun)


Data Flow: GeoTweets

(via Neoformix)


I Love Charts: Book Release

Pre-order the book.

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Parallel Lark

To promote Active Park Assist, a Ford Technology that helps dreadful drivers park their cars effortlessly, Ogilvy Paris installed a giant pinball over a free parking space and programmed the bumpers of the front and rear cars to act as flippers… But why reward the worst offender?

(via Street Planneur)


How To Design Behavior

Rising interest in the science of designing behavior has also sprouted dozens of competing, and at times conflicting methodologies; though the authors often flaunt their way as the only way, there are distinct use cases for when each method is appropriate: behavior modification methods fall into four distinct types: amateur, expert, habitué, and addict. Each type requires the use of the appropriate technique to be effective. Using the wrong method leads to failure.

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Guinness Tackles Irish Exit

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The New Share

(via Microsoft)


Kraftwerk Retrospective

Eight consecutive nights investigating Kraftwerk’s historical contributions to and contemporary influence on global sound and image culture. Tickets on sale now.

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Our Super Bowl Favorites

Audi: Vampire Party

Volkswagen: Dog Strikes Back

Geico: Maxwell the Piggy Meets the Street Luge