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Trends We’re Tracking: Strangers Kissing, Social News & Net Neutrality


We mourn a few tragedies, celebrate National Nutrition Month, and explore the cosmos. It’s been a busy week – we’ve had business trips, attended business meetings, and wrote business plans. Still, we’ve continued our weekly exercise of collecting a handful of compelling news stories. But first, a correction. Read the entire post


Ron Berger visits CreativeFeed

In today’s New York Times, you’ll find a story about a class being taught at CreativeFeed on page B2. We were in awe when the photography department from the NYT insisted on taking the enclosed photo during the storm this Monday afternoon. Thanks to the reporters, the FDNY, NYPD, government officials, and shelter volunteers who are keeping this city running and keeping us all connected. We couldn’t be prouder to have our headquarters in New York. Read more here.


Bearskin Beguilement

Virgin Atlantic gives away tickets to passers-by who raise a smile from a Grenadier Guard.

(via Creativity)


N.Y. Gets Technology Upgrade


On NYC Connect, Wired, Broadband Connect Map, Broadband Express, CitizenConnect.

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Wes Go Yellow Brick :(

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Data Flow: GeoTweets

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Kraftwerk Retrospective

Eight consecutive nights investigating Kraftwerk’s historical contributions to and contemporary influence on global sound and image culture. Tickets on sale now.

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SOS Call

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Z96 Video Light

As camera gear grows smaller, and the light sensitivity of cameras increases, the need for large bulky light kits are declining to an extent. For the run and gun shooter, having a quality portable LED light to fill in those dark places — without having to pay thousands — is a must have. F&V has a fairly inexpensive unit that might be right up your alley. Read full review…

(via Stephen Schleicher)


“Tickets, Please!”

In a recent collaboration with Tod Seelie, “house photographer for the art-vandal underground,” CreativeFeed designed a campaign identity for the 2012 Season of the New York City Opera.

Taking our cue from the company’s founding principle of The People’s Opera, we created metaphorical windows (pictured) positioning New York City as inspiration.

Mr. Seelie, whose images The New York Times has said “leave viewers transfixed by certain questions,” captured snapshot-synopses of each of the company’s four spring performances.

If you spot any New Yorkers pausing in front of one of our intriguing invitations to the eye, please send us a photo. The best one gets to take Jade to La Traviata, no expenses paid!


Hallowe’en Throwdown

If you come down to the Feed today…

…Jade (right) will wrestle you to the ground.


Pictoplasma NYC

Taking place across November 4 and 5 as a prelude to New York’s Illustration Week, the PICTOPLASMA conference invites designers, illustrators, filmmakers and producers, fine and urban artists, and vinyl toy connoisseurs to gather under one roof and chat about the mad world of character-driven art and design. (Above is “Keepon,” courtesy of BeatBots.)


Meyerowitz on Photographing WTC

And, the same story, ten years later.

What Matters Now?: Joel Meyerowitz on Ground Zero from Aperture Foundation on Vimeo.



Bill Cunningham | On the Street

Yesterday, Mr. Bill Cunningham, beloved photographer of The New York Times’ On The Street column, featured a gallery of freewheelers taking advantage of New York’s fourth annual Summer Streets, where connecting roads from Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park are closed to motor vehicles for three clear Sundays each August.
And what do you know – our very own Creative Director, Gareth Chisholm, was caught on camera with his son (at 2’33”) pedaling right up the paint on Park Avenue.
Nice wheels, G!


Our Sorcerer’s Apprentices

Our CFO, Constantin, is a supreme genius—a sorcerer, if you will. And as any student of the German supreme genius Goethe knows, every genuine sorcerer needs an apprentice. Constantin—not a man to do anything by half—has TWO apprentices…in the shape of his talented young offspring, Michael & Jonathan.

Both boys are featured as ‘Kid Prodigies‘ in the new issue of Time Out New York Kids. Why? Well, eight-year old Michael placed fourth in New York City’s K-3 chess championship in 2010; Jonathan, 6, won in the kindergarten division! Between them, they have 100 chess trophies, and harbor hopes to one day be world champs. Move over, Mannings…here come the Mantas!


Third Generation of Graffiti

Today’s New York Times reports that a recent nationwide upsurge in graffiti, after 30 years of successful deterrence following adoption of the Broken Windows Theory, may be due in part to “glorifying such displays in advertisements.” Or is it a case of art-imitating-art-imitating-art?


Dark Light

Our talented friend, Ross Clugston, attended the opening of Brett Amory’s first New York solo show last night. Amory was this week featured by TimeToSignOff as one to watch (read that profile here), which influenced Ross—and dozens of others, apparently—to take a camera and check it out. Mr. Amory pictured below.

Photo © Kingbrown


Internet Week, Dispatch 8

The Digital Ecosystem, presented by Leslie Laredo, President and Kendall Allen, VP of Laredo Group.

Today they discussed the changing landscape of the digital ecosystem and the effect it will have on marketers moving forward.

Major Points

• Hyper-local content and targeting will become more prevalent
• Mobile is becoming a more viable channel to target as internet accessibility increases
• Companies will engage more in real-time media bidding (think dashboard interface)
• The changing landscape of ad-buy verification
• Increasing desire to know every facet of consumers’ lives


Internet Week, Dispatch 6

For The Art of The Side Project, Rick Webb of The Barbarian Group was joined by Noah Brier of Percolate, Henrik Werdelin of Prehype, and Hugh Dornbush of Omgicu. They discussed the advantages and otherwise of pursuing endeavors outside of your normal realm, especially when ideas reach a tipping point where they can become businesses.

Major Points

• Garage mentality brings useful learning for paid client work
• Good for making ideas real while keeping investment low
• Rewards can be high, but decide if you can do it every day
• Don’t be greedy, hand it off to partners who can run with it
• Find people with energy and vision who’ll empower an idea


Internet Week, Dispatch 5

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