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Cf’s SXSW #Techless Meet-up Covered by WeeklyStandard

In a feature on social media’s impact on our culture, The Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash concludes his piece from CF’s techless meet-up at SXSW. Labash writes of participants, “iThumbs twitching, yearning to make contact with their newly amputated digital appendages. But for most, the old muscle memory of analog life gradually returns.” Read more here.


DM News Covers Essilor’s Collaboration with Cf

Of the four billion people globally who are affected by vision impairment, two and a half billion do not have access to corrective measures. DM News covers our collaboration with Essilor for the launch of the Vision Impact Institute, an organization that aggregates research on vision impairment and its economic impacts.


Congratulations, AppGratis!

CreativeFeed is proud to be affiliated with Simon Dawlat, founder of AppGratis. The company started out by sending newsletters with daily deals and daily app picks. Today, the service has evolved to help developers get distribution in the App Store and help users discover cool, new apps through AppGratis’ own mobile app. Congrats to Simon – we can’t wait to see what he does next! Read more on Forbes.


Pick Our Panel! Become your own Social Network at SXSW.

I Am My Own Social Network from CreativeFeed on Vimeo.

South by Southwest (SXSW) traditionally allows attendees and the greater SXSW community to vote on potential panels and speakers. This year, a team at CreativeFeed threw their hat into the ring, and we are asking you to vote for us and persuade your friends and colleague to pick our panel.

“I am My Own Social Network” asks SXSW to disconnect at the most connected conference in the world. Like most of you, we are tired of the inexhaustible need to tweet and Instagram from every event we attend. At the ‘I am My Own Social Network’ event, attendees will hand in their mobile phones as soon as they join the meet up. They will not be able to mention in any conversation the company they work for, their start-up, or what they do for a living. After a 40-minute exercise, the group will discuss their social crutches and if they will change the way they approach the SXSW experience after the meet up.

To vote on the 2013 South by Southwest Panel Picker, visit

· Click on “sign in” – it will also let you sign up to gain access to the Panel Picker

· Once you are on the Panel Picker page, search for “I am My Own Social Network”

· Vote and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. All votes need to be in by August 31, 2012.


First Online Image

Our friend Lesley A. Martin examines the first photographic-image uploaded to the Internet in July of 1992: “They’re always semi-accidental and seemingly inconsequential at the time.”

(via Motherboard)


Alternative POV

“A valuable instrument for skeptics in our culture of disinformation?” There’s an app for that.

(via Poynter)


Cloudy Day: Neural Networks

On the start-up, Kimera, contextualizing data, Service as a Software—and Internet as brain.

(via Forbes)


Evolution of the Music Video

An iPhone, iPod, and iPad app that contains a playlist of 30 videos.

(via Promo News)


New Tech City

“The expertise we have in New York is well suited to the next generation of tech companies.”

(via Center for an Urban Future)


Comparing Initial Public Offerings

Data Visualization of 2,400 technology, web, and telecom market capitalizations since 1980.

(via NYT)


Here’s To You, Steve Jobs

In five words: Obama, Clinton, Lucas, Bono, and more thank the late great.

(via Netted)


Prometheus Underground

This abandoned Paris metro station hosts a rather eerie, experiential advertising installation.

(via halfamillionscreenshots)


Future Of News

“The pace of technological change will not abate, and to think of our current time as a transition between two eras, rather than a continuum of change, is a mistake.” (More)

-Richard Gingras, Head of News Products at Google

(via MIT)


Flattery Gets You Everywhere

Today being Social Micro day, it’s the day to consider Crowdfunding Social Video.

(via ReelSEO)


Mobile Shopping Habits

In March, mobile devices accounted for 10% of traffic and 6.6% of all sales. Time to optimize.

(via Econsultancy)


Parallel Lark

To promote Active Park Assist, a Ford Technology that helps dreadful drivers park their cars effortlessly, Ogilvy Paris installed a giant pinball over a free parking space and programmed the bumpers of the front and rear cars to act as flippers… But why reward the worst offender?

(via Street Planneur)


Threaded Messaging

(via Ars Technica)


Google+: Tom

(via Campaign Live)


Managing Threat @hhsxsw

Read how BBH Labs are handling the fall out from a misunderstood “charitable experiment.”

(via BBH)


YouTube Evolution

Discover more about the challenge YouTube faces with investing in new channels while providing advertisers with audience data that is comparable to what is available from TV.

(via NYT)