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Wes Go Yellow Brick :(

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Plantronics Talk and Surf

It is “award season,” which can only mean that CreativeFeed is up for recognition. Print magazine’s 2012 Creativity + Commerce showcases the best of outstanding business-focused design and packaging from around the world.

Our client, Plantronics, wanted to excite their partners with the launch of its M100, a slim and sleek new bluetooth headset. We played on the form, which echoes a surfboard, while acknowledging Plantronics’ heritage in Santa Cruz, California. The result is a fun VW van to support the message, “The smartest way to Talk and Surf”.

The ecologically-sound design (below) is “memorable, sustainable—going beyond style in storytelling.” It will be showcased in a forthcoming issue of Print.


“Tickets, Please!”

In a recent collaboration with Tod Seelie, “house photographer for the art-vandal underground,” CreativeFeed designed a campaign identity for the 2012 Season of the New York City Opera.

Taking our cue from the company’s founding principle of The People’s Opera, we created metaphorical windows (pictured) positioning New York City as inspiration.

Mr. Seelie, whose images The New York Times has said “leave viewers transfixed by certain questions,” captured snapshot-synopses of each of the company’s four spring performances.

If you spot any New Yorkers pausing in front of one of our intriguing invitations to the eye, please send us a photo. The best one gets to take Jade to La Traviata, no expenses paid!


Inc.: Success Stories

CreativeFeed Founder and Executive Creative Director, Arthur Ceria, speaks to Inc. about the company’s continued success — which led to that magazine naming CF one of 2011’s “Hottest Entrepreneurial Superstars.” Happy new year! Watch Ceria’s big interview here.

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Happy Holidays!


Renault Opens Up ‘Car as Platform’

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Bordeaux Wines, Your Style

Brand New from CreativeFeed…

Bordeaux wines, your style. from Bordeaux Wine on Vimeo.

Bordeaux Wines, Your Style. Get inspired by the magic of Bordeaux. Preview our latest campaign before the official launch in November…

Welcome to the new look of“> Like each year of harvest, we now take the opportunity to shed the old and restart with something new. As Bordeaux wines are the world reference for quality and expertise in winemaking, we’d like to unveil our new site: more compelling, informative and imaginative than before. Here are some highlights:

The Look: The underlying theme of the new campaign is The art of living. We highlight the best moments, made even more superb by a fantastic wine. Our new visuals are set in various landscapes of the Bordeaux region, letting you use your own imagination to enter the world of Bordeaux. Each visual stages a lively, fairy tale moment for drinking Bordeaux, rooted in the legend and history surrounding our famous wines. Check out how we made the campaign here.

New Content: has been completely redesigned into a dynamic and interactive platform, which will also reflect the mood of this new campaign. The website will be available in 6 languages (French, English, German, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese). Alongside sections recounting the history of Bordeaux wines and providing essential information on each region (AOC, vintage, etc.), new pages will be dedicated the Bordeaux lifestyle:

  • Bordeaux’s art of living (design, art, travel, gastronomy, etc),
  • Portraits, pages where gourmets and gastronomes share their relationship with Bordeaux wines (celebrities, sommeliers and chefs),
  • Ambassadors, showcasing a selection of wine bars, restaurants, wine shops where to enjoy or find Bordeaux wines in the 7 key countries,
  • Bordeaux events diary, and a look back at the latest Bordeaux events through photos and videos,
  • a Bordeaux wine blog, which will regularly post the latest stories in respect of which visitors will be invited to share their thoughts,
  • a new showcase for the Bordeaux Wine School.

Welcome to the magic and diversity that is Bordeaux wines. Bordeaux wines, your style.

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Inc 500|5000

CreativeFeed is honored to be recognized as one of America’s fastest growing private companies, making the Inc. 500|5000.

In our first year of eligibility for this award, CreativeFeed grew revenue by +500% through Inc.’s three-year measuring period.

It is a significant accomplishment for our team, and stands as a testament to our creativity, tenacity, dedication, and hard work.

Why are we successful? We provide valuable brand currency – comprehensive campaigns, social in nature and global in reach.


American Heritage of Vacheron Constantin

To commemorate the opening of the first Vacheron Constantin store in North America, CreativeFeed created a unique interactive experience, enabling the Swiss watchmaker to reach a community of clients that extends well beyond the Upper East Side of New York City.

Three timelines artfully demonstrate the company’s proud narrative in tandem with a refined history of the United States, while giving North American owners and collectors opportunity to share stories about their timepieces, thus becoming integral to Vacheron Constantin’s heritage at the precise moment the company becomes part of theirs. Check it out here.


Kate’s Back!


Our Sorcerer’s Apprentices

Our CFO, Constantin, is a supreme genius—a sorcerer, if you will. And as any student of the German supreme genius Goethe knows, every genuine sorcerer needs an apprentice. Constantin—not a man to do anything by half—has TWO apprentices…in the shape of his talented young offspring, Michael & Jonathan.

Both boys are featured as ‘Kid Prodigies‘ in the new issue of Time Out New York Kids. Why? Well, eight-year old Michael placed fourth in New York City’s K-3 chess championship in 2010; Jonathan, 6, won in the kindergarten division! Between them, they have 100 chess trophies, and harbor hopes to one day be world champs. Move over, Mannings…here come the Mantas!


French Soul on American Soil

Arthur Ceria (left) is featured among France-Amèrique‘s 50 exceptional expatriates in the new issue of ‘The French Journal of the United States’. Our bold Founder and CCO tells of his 30-year journey in a foreign land, one that he says is “generous” and “does nothing but innovate, giving opportunities to the talented.”

In their cover story, France-Amèrique describe Ceria’s progress and courage, noting how, “He has the quiet flow of a man who’s succeeded and believes in what he does.”

On CF, Arthur muses: “We are constantly looking for what will change the world … to understand technological innovation, and to use that for the communication of brands.”

You can easily subscribe (“Je m’abonne”) to the journal here, or, buy the celebratory edition from one of these news·stands.



Our Founder, M. Arthur Ceria, is interviewed by Emmanuel Duteil for Le Grand Journal, on French business channel, BFM TV. In a two-part live discussion screened on May 27, 2011, Ceria talks about the outlook for the global advertising industry. Part One is above, with Part Two continuing seamlessly below. Congratulations, Arthur, you’ve passed your screen test.


Internet Week, Dispatch 8

The Digital Ecosystem, presented by Leslie Laredo, President and Kendall Allen, VP of Laredo Group.

Today they discussed the changing landscape of the digital ecosystem and the effect it will have on marketers moving forward.

Major Points

• Hyper-local content and targeting will become more prevalent
• Mobile is becoming a more viable channel to target as internet accessibility increases
• Companies will engage more in real-time media bidding (think dashboard interface)
• The changing landscape of ad-buy verification
• Increasing desire to know every facet of consumers’ lives


Internet Week, Dispatch 6

For The Art of The Side Project, Rick Webb of The Barbarian Group was joined by Noah Brier of Percolate, Henrik Werdelin of Prehype, and Hugh Dornbush of Omgicu. They discussed the advantages and otherwise of pursuing endeavors outside of your normal realm, especially when ideas reach a tipping point where they can become businesses.

Major Points

• Garage mentality brings useful learning for paid client work
• Good for making ideas real while keeping investment low
• Rewards can be high, but decide if you can do it every day
• Don’t be greedy, hand it off to partners who can run with it
• Find people with energy and vision who’ll empower an idea


Internet Week, Dispatch 5

Interest Graph


Internet Week, Dispatch 4

Is the food app trend a whole new thing, or is it a case of smartphones better-enabling food rating? Social Food Apps: How they’re changing your mind at POS, analyzed technology’s influence on our palates, and particularly impulse buying.

The panel was moderated by Ryan Charles – Co-Founder/CEO of Consmr, with speakers Amy Cao – Head of Social Media at Foodspotting, Jonathan Shapiro – Founder of Grubster, Matt Bean – Brand Editor with Men’s Health & Women’s Health, and Rich Tomko – CEO of Snooth Media.

Major Points

• Smartphones are a simple extension of consumer experiences
• Many prefer cameras or image-recognition to written reviews
• Peer recommendation is more relatable than expert curation
• Communities share, connect, and provide instant feedback
• Strong opportunities to be scaled for whoever gets it right


Internet Week, Dispatch 3

The Future of Online Video panel took place at IWHQ yesterday.

Speakers representing some of the leading online video platforms were in attendance to discuss. Their details: Brad Elders – VP of Video Sales, AOL, Paul Greenberg – CEO of CollegeHumor, Dina Kaplan – Co-founder of, Jason Kirk – VP Content & Distribution, USTREAM, and Ben Relles – Head of Creative Development, YouTube.

Major Points

• Content is king, distribution is second
• Be experimental, you’ll receive instant feedback
• Quantify by 1. engagement, 2. average time online, 3. reach
• Offer embedded players to reach new audience, other networks
• The future: interactive video, the viewer is part of the stream


Internet Week, Dispatch 2

With the rise of hyper-localization, neighborhood-centric startups discussed the best methods to encourage local engagement and to empower local businesses and communities in The Neighborhood Experience.

Speakers were George Eid – Founder and CEO of Krrb, Ann Baldinucci – Co-Founder and CEO of Nabewise, Jordan Cooper – Co-Founder and CEO of Hyperpublic, Richard Blakeley – Managing Editor of Thrillist, and Kathryn Find, Community Development at Meetup.

Major Points

• Share local knowledge online
• Empower locals to define neighborhood identity
• Self-curation encourages participation
• Rankings motivate locals to provide insider information
• Use the Internet to get off the Internet


Internet Week, Dispatch 1

In The Rise of the Daily Email Newsletter, speakers Beth Ellard – General Manager of Daily Candy, Katherine Elsasser – General Manager of Netted by the Webbys, Nate Richardson – President of Gilt City, and John Wiseman – Director of Marketing of Thrillist discussed how their businesses have changed brand-to-consumer communication, and the measures that will continue their success.

Major Points

• Mixing content and commerce is the future
• Defining credible, distinct voice for target niche
• Use all available channels to engage with audience
• Improving technology to deliver better video experience
• Use outsourced email provider platform