Car + Computer + Internet = myFord Touch

myFord Touch Dash

Remember when a car was just simply a box with wheels that took you from point A to point B. Soon after, car companies added innovative features such as cup holders, seat belts and the radio, forever changing the standard for cars.

As we become more and more tech savvy, it’s only natural that we incorporate a computer into a car. Fast forward to 2010 where the legendary Ford Motor Company has recently unveiled the highly touted myFord Touch, a digital in-car display with a touchscreen interface, internet access and its award winning SYNC technology.

The myFord Touch is quite simply the combination of car and computer. The car display is built around the SYNC system, which allows mobile devices to connect to the car as well as utilize voice commands to control many of the cars entertainment and information functions. The touchscreen dash is the key to making it all work. It allows the user access to a variety of controls and information such as the navigational system, climate control, web browsing, and making phone calls. A major feature of the Touch system is the ability to sync apps such as Pandora, Stitcher, and Open Beak (a Twitter client) which integrates the cars voice command. In addition, the dashboard of the car contains two 4.2-inch screens which serve as a menu and car diagnostic display. The car is also equipped with a media hub located in the console containing RCA input ports, two USB ports, and a SD Card slot.

The myFord Touch is truly a melding of car and technology, revolutionizing the way we interact with cars. While Ford isn’t the first company to release this type of technology, it is however one of the most developed systems out there. With a wide range of customizations and features, there’s plenty of room for this technology to grow. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an app store in the future containing a multitude of car related applications similar. While this all looks good on paper, it remains to be seen how consumers will embrace the Touch system.

The myFord Touch will debut this year at the Detroit Auto Show and will be included in the 2011 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX followed by the 2012 Ford Focus.